Senior Strategist



There are many shapes of strategy.

At Matter Of Form, we fundamentally strive to deliver next-generation customer experiences that go beyond websites and apps, and into the physical experience. We typically work for those who value their brand above all else (organisations with high-end customers).

Our USP is in marrying classical brand strategy with a deep digital delivery expertise - we get that user-centric design must be balanced with bold creative thinking. Our clients value this sensitivity.

We do not believe in branding or digital, rather in moments of delight, moments of service, and comments of commerce.

Our belief is that increasingly the brand experience is the brand.

Our future engagements will likely begin with brand repositioning and move into experience delivery, content planning and in some cases digital product design.


  • Inspired by great design. Excited by technology. Driven by business.

  • Flexible in your ways. You understand how to make a process fit a timeframe.

  • Enthused by service innovation, but cognisant of what it takes to make change happen.

  • You “hear what isn't said”, and are highly sensitive to people and brands.


  • Ensure we deliver category-leading brand experiences, that engage and delight our clients' customers.

  • Define a red thread between business strategy, design and technology -- to create a vision that is a compelling whole.

  • Devise and measure KPI’s for all key client accounts.

  • Push our work beyond websites, into end-to-end brand experiences. Push design thinking across our disciplines.


  • Customer research programmes, whether in the form of qual or quant research to get to the heart of user needs.

  • Workshops or stakeholder interview sessions to understand the realities of the business.

  • Identify and procure specialist needs across data, analytics or search to inform strategy.

  • Work with tech lead and commercial director to identify and procure emerging technology; AI, third-party platforms and more. Understand the possibilities of the tech.

  • Design CX blueprints, stakeholder maps, and strategic roadmaps that deliver value for our clients, and create long-term engagements for our business.

  • Devise creative platforms and content plans, hiring supplementary resource as necessary.

Salary and Perks

  • Perks can be found on our careers homepage

  • Salary- £55k-£65k depending on experience

To apply for this role, please send your CV to careers@matterofform.com

Please note that due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to respond to unsuccessful candidates.