Project Management Intern


About FORM Commerce - part of Matter Of Form Group

We craft and optimise beautiful eCommerce flagships, for brands that strive to become a lifestyle.

We love the impact digital makes on the bottom line. To measure, learn and adapt gives us satisfaction – continuously evolving digital properties based on true insight.

Our Principles

  1. True to ourselves. We are transparent and honest. Our team communicates with clarity and conviction, even when that means pushing back.

  2. Keep it simple. We won’t try to impress you with our knowledge of industry jargon. Our aim is always the simplest solution that delivers the biggest results.

  3. Know your stuff. We combine our expertise in design and technology with a focus on conversion and knowing what’s next.

  4. Care Deeply. As part of the commercial life-force of our clients’ businesses, we believe providing a robust technical solution is a given. We’re perfectionists but we never lose sight of the big picture. 

Relationships matter.

Excellent relationships win awards, make our clients happy and have the power to transform businesses. Bad ones cause stress, give poor results and create negative situations all round.

We get it, and it’s so important to us, and that’s why we’ve put the relationship at the heart of our values. 

As a project management intern within the team, you’ll aspire to be a true partner, one who takes shared success seriously. We look for people who are good-hearted - those who see our accounts, clients and colleagues as much more than just profit and loss but as people, friends and peers. 

But, most importantly, we seek out people who are skilled at knowing when to be humble or when to be forthright. A partnership isn’t just always about saying yes, it’s also about having the foresight to push back, in order to achieve success. 

We’re looking for skilled diplomats, relationship builders and team influencers. In return, we’ll entrust you with our most valuable assets; our accounts. You’ll be expected to use your excellent communication skills to manage work streams and roadmaps, to be hyper-organised and to make sure that we cross all the ‘i’s and dot all the ‘t’s. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Creating achievable timelines

  • Working with teams and individuals to create briefs

  • Building of relationships with teams and individuals

  • Connecting the dots and filling gaps of information for the Dev/Creative/PM teams

  • Prioritising projects in response to business demands

  • Tracking time and projects for quarterly overviews

  • Organising of meetings and kick-offs

  • Working with external suppliers for resources that fall outside of the team 

  • Ability to work to deadlines 

  • The ability to meet deadlines under pressure

  • The ability to demonstrate critical thinking

  • Excellent organisation skills 

  • Fully understand the pain-points of our client

Knowledge & Experience 

  • Relevant experience would be ideal and this can consist of transferable skills, but we’re just as keen for you to have a voracious appetite for learning quickly, and to have the confidence to put those learnings into practice

  • An understanding of design processes

  • High level of communication skills, combined with enthusiasm and organisation

  • Excellent time management skills and attention to detail


  • Contribute to overall growth, development and planning for all nominated accounts

  • Help clients achieve goals, objectives and overall success 

  • Maintain a high level of performance of agency resources

  • Build and maintain solid relationships with clients and internal team members

  • Provide regular updates to account status 

  • Work with the Project Management team to ensure the timely development, execution and delivery of client projects

  • Work with your project manager to ensure all project documentation is kept up to date and communicated clearly to your clients 

  • Maintain clear communications 

  • Ensure all meetings are run smoothly and that clear, concise and actionable minutes are always kept

To apply for this role, please send your CV to careers@matterofform.com

Please note that due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to respond to unsuccessful candidates.